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Spiritual Discernment & Wellness

Spiritual Discernment is is an essential aspect of cultivating a life of compassion centered on your beliefs, values and relationships! 

Spirituality and faith are an important part of your life.  A healthy spirituality and faith journey offers meaning and support for your life's journey.  Cultivating a healthy spirituality and belief system supports and enhances all aspects of your life's journey!

Dimensions of Wellness

There are seven different areas of life that are a part of your overall well-being ~ spiritual wellness; physical wellness; environmental wellness; occupational wellness; emotional wellness; social wellness; and intellectual wellness. 

Spiritual wellness implies a search for meaning and purpose.  The values, ethics and morals that guide you give meaning and direction to your life and affect all of your major life choices.  Spiritual wellness or intelligence focuses on the cultivation of the spiritual aspect of your life to enrich your appreciation for life as well as your connection with others and community in healthy supportive ways.

If you're interested in living your life fully, you may want to consider how your spirituality and beliefs contribute to your well-being.  Understanding how to discern the signs of a healthy spirituality and healthy involvement in faith traditions is an essential aspect of spiritual development that supports the movement of your journey from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity.  You are called to wholeness of being where your mind, heart, soul and body are united and align with your beliefs, values, morals and purpose in life.

Our alumni and faculty offer spiritual assessments upon request.  Spiritual direction is an art that can offer hope, joy and possibility for your journey with family, friends and community.

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