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Do You Feel Called to...

~ A deep spiritual journey with a longing to grow in awareness of self, the Mystery within and among us as well as through healthy spiritual or religious community

~ An openness and formation that provides a foundation to integrate classic and contemporary understanding of spirituality and faith drawing on the insights and wisdom of the contemplatives, spiritual directors, teachers and mystics

~ A path of exploring our common spiritual ground informed by the wisdom gained through the process of the Gethsemane inter-religious monastic dialogs

~ A natural desire to consider the contributions of Jungian depth psychology, dreams as well as the creative arts to an understanding of human nature and spiritual insight as well as healing

~ A respect for the truth and wisdom offered through religion and faith as well as a longing to explore a personal spiritual and religious path within the context of a supportive community

~ An openness to journey with others from diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds with a sense of hospitality, respect and welcome

~ A desire to study as well as practice a contemplative spirituality as a foundation for personal transformation as well as the cultivation of the deep listening necessary for spiritual direction

~ Prior experience with spiritual direction or a desire to enter into spiritual direction as an aspect of the program

Our participants come from a variety of backgrounds and have included Spiritual and Religious Leaders; Spiritual Teachers; Clergy; Theologians; Counselors; Chaplains; Health Care Professionals; Educators; Life Coaches; Artists; Business Professionals; Integrative Health Practitioners; Lay Ministers;as well as others.